JetBrains now permits Qodana to be self-hosted

JetBrains has announced the release of a self-hosted version of its code quality platform Qodana

Qodana is a static code analysis tool that integrates into JetBrains’ IDEs, allowing issues to be addressed directly within the IDE.

“Since launching the cloud version of Qodana last summer, we kept receiving requests for a self-hosted version. Following successful Beta tests with some of our clients, we’re now launching the first release of Qodana Self-Hosted, allowing you to manage, maintain, and upgrade Qodana entirely on your end,” JetBrains wrote in a blog post

Qodana Self-Hosted helps companies ensure that their proprietary or sensitive information stays within the company’s infrastructure, offers them greater control over data control and processing, and can have better performance due to the ability to optimize the solution to the organization’s specific performance needs. 

The self-hosted version currently only supports AWS, but JetBrains plans to add more hosting options in future versions. Pricing will start at $40 per developer per month, but organizations that request a demo by August 31, 2024 will receive a 40% discount off one year of Qodana Self-Hosted. 

Other recent improvements to Qodana include an early access program for the C and C++ linter, the ability to create custom inspections with FlexInspect, support for Unity analysis, and the addition of .NET analysis to the Community version.

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