Cisco Are living 2024: Inspiring to Move Past

Energy, excitement, transformation, and innovation – these are a few words to describe last week’s Cisco Live 2024 in Las Vegas! This record-breaking event that brought together 21,000 technology enthusiasts, industry leaders, and visionaries was by far my favourite Cisco Live yet. Here’s why:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were everywhere

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) were everywhere – and are driving innovation, automation, and intelligent decision-making across all industries. Many valuable insights, strategies and solutions were shared on how businesses are harnessing the power of technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing to stay ahead of the curve and navigate the digital landscape. We’re arming our Cisco Partners with everything needed to meet the massive customer AI demand. Partners: check out the Cisco Partner AI opportunity and other partner-exclusive Cisco Live content in the Cisco Partner Launch Experience.

Twenty percent of customer attendees were SMBs

Twenty percent of customer attendees were from the Small/Medium Business (SMB) segment, which had the SMB booth buzzing with opportunity and innovative conversations all week long! Together with our amazing Cisco Partners, we showcased solutions to enable our customers to work from anywhere, protect their assets, build smarter workspaces, and keep everyone within their businesses well connected. We had dozens of “pathway to the possible” use case conversations while demonstrating our solutions live in action!

The opportunity of a lifetime

Two words: ELTON JOHN. It was the opportunity of a lifetime to wrap up the week by witnessing this musical legend perform! Only the magic of Cisco could get Elton John out of retirement to perform for the best customers and partners in the world. A huge thank you to the Cisco planning teams, our valued Cisco partners, and amazing Cisco customers who made this the best Cisco Live ever!

I hope you left Las Vegas feeling inspired and equipped with the knowledge and abilities to drive change, innovate, and embrace the opportunities presented by the digital revolution. I look forward to seeing you at Cisco Live 2025 on June 8-12 in San Diego, California!



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