Navigating the Virtual Long term: Cisco’s Imaginative and prescient for the United Kingdom’s Tech-Led Expansion

The 2024 UK general election is just around the corner and comes at a pivotal moment for technology policy. In a world where digital technologies have become the backbone of thriving businesses; efficient public services, and citizen empowerment, the stakes for tech policy have never been higher.

Embracing the Tech Revolution

With unprecedented investments pouring into new technologies like AI and quantum, the UK is in the midst of a significant surge in innovation and the rapid development of new and exciting use cases aimed at businesses and our daily lives. Cisco’s recent announcement a new $1bn Global AI Investment Fund is a prime example of this.

The world in which the UK finds itself is arguably more complex and tense than at any moment in recent memory with businesses and citizens needing to navigate global complexities and escalating cyber threats. Meanwhile, the UK’s workforce struggles to keep pace with the digital demands of the future – Future Dot Now suggests that 60% of the UK’s workforce are unable to perform a range of 20 basic digital tasks.

Whoever forms the next UK government will be hugely influential in writing the next chapter of this story.

The future government has a golden opportunity to harness technology policy to steer towards a positive vision whereby digital technology not only boosts business productivity and delivers smarter, more efficient public services, but also keeps our nation and its critical infrastructure secure and fosters opportunities for a more inclusive economy and society.

Ten Tech Priorities for a Thriving UK

Cisco is proud to unveil our vision outlining Ten Tech Priorities to Power the UK’s Future. This framework is designed to help policy makers – whether politicians, officials or regulators – identify some of the key building blocks of technology policy that will cement the UK’s position as a global tech leader.

Our priorities range from advancing responsible AI governance to delivering future-ready cybersecurity. They focus on the need to develop 21st century digital skills and lead a new transformation in how UK public services and businesses use technology. They call on the government to leverage and nurture the UK’s vibrant R&D and tech start-up environment. Tech-led opportunity will not be possible without the secure and resilient connectivity – both nationally and within organisations. And for all of these policies has a key role to play.

The UK also needs to further build its role as a constructive, proactive player on technology policy on the international stage. The UK should exercise its abilities to convene trusted international partners and co-create the next chapter of tech policy that will propel opportunities and economic growth.

How Cisco is Helping Deliver a Tech-Powered Future

I hope our Ten Tech Priorities will help inspire thinking in the next government, not only on the huge opportunity technology presents for the UK but also on some practical building blocks to make that a reality.

Cisco is committed to turning these priorities into tangible outcomes through initiatives like our Country Digital Acceleration programme, which invests in projects that showcase the transformative impact of digital technologies in public services, from hospitals to schools. Additionally, our Networking Academy programme is dedicated to providing all generations with critical digital skills.

As we eagerly anticipate the election results, I’m optimistic about the potential for meaningful collaboration with the next government. Together, we can ignite a tech-powered future for the UK that is as dynamic as it is prosperous. Cisco’s Ten Tech Priorities to Power the UK’s Future, shaping a digital legacy that will resonate for generations to come.

Discover Cisco’s Ten Tech Policies to the Power the UK’s Future here.


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