Tricentis releases Tosca Copilot to lend a hand with check technology

Tricentis has added a new AI copilot solution to its portfolio, joining the recently released Testim Copilot. Tricentis Tosca Copilot adds useful AI capabilities to the end-to-end testing platform. 

Tosca Copilot can help find unused test cases, duplicates, unlinked assets, and tests linked to application elements. It can also perform mass changes on those items. 

Testers can speak with Tosca Copilot in natural language to turn their requests into Tosca queries. According to Tricentis, this can eliminate several hours of manual work for testers. 

Beyond generating test cases, Tosca Copilot can also summarize complex tests, which can lead to simpler maintenance and faster onboarding. 

According to Tricentis, other benefits include faster issue resolution, shorter release cycles, and cost and time savings. 

The solution is now available for users to start experimenting with. The company also announced that the waitlist for its next copilot, qTest Copilot is now open for signups

“The integration of AI with testing levels the playing field for all team members, regardless of technical skill level. This allows even citizen testers to play a greater role in testing for fewer errors and greater productivity, leading to faster time to market and lower costs,”  said Mav Turner, chief product and strategy officer at Tricentis. “We’re already witnessing a 16% to 43% reduction in test failure rates with Tricentis AI tools, and up to a 50% increase in test case generation.”

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