Google Developer Program launches to offer AI insights, assets for builders

Google is trying to make it easier for developers to work with Google’s developer services with the launch of the Google Developer Program.

It will provide developers access to an AI chat interface in several of its websites where there are developer-facing components, such as Google for Developers, Firebase, and Google Cloud. This will enable them to learn more from documentation pages, including getting explanations of code snippets in them. Developers can also ask questions about Google tools, try Google APIs before using them, generate sample code, and troubleshoot issues. 

Additionally, the developer program will provide participants access to five workspaces in Project IDX, which is a cloud-based workspace for cross-platform development. Normally, developers can only create two different workspaces, so this adds an extra three that they can access. 

Participants will be able to apply to join Google sponsored groups, which are communities of developers working on similar things. In addition, these groups receive access to exclusive events and resources. 

Members can also opt to join the Google Cloud Innovators program to receive lab credits in Google Cloud Skills Boost, which is an interactive learning platform for trying out new cloud skills. These credits are able to be used for any cloud training learning path offered by the company.

The Google Developer Program is free to any developer who wishes to join. If they don’t already have a developer profile, they simply need to create one and include their topics and interests. 

“With a profile, you will also be able to tailor your learning journey to your interests, organize your work, track your progress, earn badges, and share your achievements,” Chris Demeke, senior product manager at Google, wrote in a blog post

According to Google, new capabilities and offerings will be added to the program over the next several months. 

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