Maui .net7 ios Push notification problems (now not firebase)

I have a maui .net7 iOS application and I can’t seem to get the push notifications to work quite right when the app is not in the foreground. (Note, I’m NOT using Firebase.)

I have been following Microsoft’s documentation:

and this code example here

Scenario 1
When the app is in the foreground when a push notification comes in, the notification is recieved in the appDelegate’s ReceivedRemoteNotification function. I then put the notification information into my local database, and display a local notification using the plugin Plugin.LocalNotification; This notification displays correctly and when clicked the application will open a particular view.

All good here.

Scenario 2
When the app is running but in the background, the same occurs as when in the foreground. The notification is logged in the database, a local notification is shown that does the correct action when clicked.

However, it’s ALSO showing another “default” notification that does nothing when clicked.

I need to prevent this “default” notification from showing. Nowhere in my code do I call the code to add the nofication: UNUserNotificationCenter.Current.AddNotificationRequest(request, OnNotificationError);

Scenario 3
When the app is not running and a notification comes in, the app shows the “default” notification that does nothing when clicked, and the notification is not logged in my database.

I need to ensure the code to add the notification to the database runs. When the app is closed it won’t need to open a particular view as the app will require the user to log in, but I do need the app to present the notification in the GUI so they can still reach the correct view.

Debugging on the mac iOS simulator is not working for me (notifications are not appearing at all), so I have been trying to use appcenter analytics logUsage() to determine what code is getting hit. It seems the logging is not occurring while the app is in the background, so its difficult to say if the UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate’s WillPresentNotification and DidReceiveNotificationResponse code it getting hit or not. Seems like they are not.


public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication application, NSDictionary launchOptions)
    UNUserNotificationCenter.Current.Delegate = new UserNotificationCenterDelegate(); //my custom class

    // ... code to register to register for notifications and check permission - works, removed for example

public void ReceivedRemoteNotification(UIApplication application, NSDictionary notification) 
    //code to process notification, add to DB and display the local notification starts here. 
    //Runs correctly when app is in foreground


public class UserNotificationCenterDelegate : UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate, IUNUserNotificationCenterDelegate
    public override void WillPresentNotification(UNUserNotificationCenter center, UNNotification notification, Action<UNNotificationPresentationOptions> completionHandler)
        //attempted adding to DB here for when the application is not running, did not work. Not sure this code is ever hit
        completionHandler(UNNotificationPresentationOptions.None); //this should tell the app not to show the default notification

    public override void DidReceiveNotificationResponse(UNUserNotificationCenter center, UNNotificationResponse response, Action completionHandler)
        //this should be hit when the default notification is clicked. Not sure this is ever hit

        if (!response.IsDismissAction)
            //run code to open the correct view
        completionHandler();// Inform caller it has been handled


Can anyone tell me:

  1. where the remote notifications come into the app while in the background, so I can ensure the data is written to the DB. (does not seem to be AppDelegate’s ReceivedRemoteNotification)
  2. where I can determine if the app should display the “default” notification when the app is in the background (UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate’s WillPresentNotification isn’t doing it)
  3. where I should write the code to open the correct view when the default notification is clicked (UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate’s DidReceiveNotificationResponse isn’t doing it. Might not be required if I can get #1 & 2 working correctly)

Many thanks!

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