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From Stuart Varrall’s recent article on Inspiring Apple Vision Pro Apps:

Apps such as Mercury Weather and Longplay change the information displayed in a window depending on the size.

Every iOS-based platform so far has imposed a space limitation on apps. On iPhone, it’s a challenge to design apps that need to present lots of information. On iPad it’s sometimes hard to know what to do with all that space, and on watchOS and tvOS … well, the problem is even more extreme.

visionOS is the first iOS-based platform to remove that restriction, bringing it much closer in line with how macOS works, and people are very comfortable with windowing in macOS and Microsoft Windows.

But the parallels between the windowing systems on visionOS and macOS don’t end there. There’s another similarity: Windows stay where you left them. On macOS, this really helps people build mental models around what they are doing in a way that flipping through pages or “cards” of apps on other iOS-based platforms can’t match. You could even argue that visionOS goes further here than macOS does by using transparency and spreading out windows in 3D space.

I’m sure you’ve also heard pundits wondering out loud whether this platform is the “future of computing” in the last couple of weeks. 🙄 I don’t think anyone should be going anywhere near that kind of statement yet, but I think visionOS gets some things about window management really right, and that’s a solid basis to build on. 👍

Dave Verwer  

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