Ooredoo Qatar Upgrades Community Stock Control Answer With Ericsson

Ooredoo Qatar Upgrades Network Inventory Management Solution With Ericsson
Ericsson and Ooredoo Qatar have successfully completed an upgrade of Ericsson Adaptive Inventory (EAI), a network inventory management solution deployed across the communication service provider’s (CSP) networks. Covering different generations of networks, including 5G, the project leverages the latest advancements to expand the potential for digitalisation and improve efficiency.

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Streamlined Operations

According to the joint statement, EAI enables Ooredoo Qatar to streamline its operational environment by providing a single network view across systems. Reportedly, this helps Ooredoo Qatar optimise its network infrastructure and resource utilisation, increase data visibility, accelerate workflows, and improve operational efficiency.

Enhanced Capabilities

The enhanced capabilities of the modernised platform offer tangible customer-centric benefits, such as faster order processing, cost savings and data accuracy. Ericsson said with this telecom inventory software, Ooredoo Qatar can efficiently manage its Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) while unlocking the potential for mobile, enterprise and data centre inventory management.

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Ericsson offers a range of solutions

Additionally, Ericsson currently supports Ooredoo Qatar with a range of other solutions and products, including Ericsson Network IQ Statistics (ENIQ) and Ericsson Network Manager (ENM). These tools help Ooredoo Qatar manage its operations for better network resource management and an improved customer service experience, benefiting both Ooredoo Qatar and its customers.

Ericsson supports more than 80 customers across over 35 countries with multi-vendor, multi-technology Inventory solutions, said the company.

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