BONUS: Drone Information – DJI Mavic Air 2 Unencumber Date Showed, DJI Matrice 300, NYPD Seizes Drone After Hart Island Picture

Our biggest story this week is about the DJI Mavic Air 2. DJI has confirmed a release date of April 27th for the much-awaited Mavic Air 2. With economic activity curtailed due to the virus outbreak, it shall be interesting to see how this new DJI drone fares commercially. As of now, no information on pricing and specs has been released. You can check out the teaser here.

Next, the French government is the news as it is all set to acquire 651 drones for surveillance purposes. What is interesting is that this multi-million dollar tender states specifications that seem to be tailored for Anafi. Regular ADU listeners might recall how the French government used drones to gather data when a fire broke out at the Notre Dame cathedral. This development also highlights how archaic drone laws are preventing the industry from truly taking off in the United States.

Our next story is about the coronavirus. NYPD recently seized George Steinmetz’s drone after he captured some rather shocking images of Hart Island, a tiny island next to Manhattan. George’s images show burials being done at Hart Island. And as per reports, there has been a huge spike in burials in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

Other topics discussed on this show include DJI Matrice 300 updates and drones being used to save fawns in the Swiss Alps. Tune in to our latest show now!

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  • [02:01] Wyckoff Police in New Jersey spreads joy in gloomy times with their birthday drive-by program
  • [04:46] DJI Mavic Air 2 release date confirmed
  • [07:54] DJI asks distributors to place orders for DJI Matrice 300
  • [10:38] France to buy 651 drones for surveillance purposes
  • [16:36] Drone pilot saves fawns from death in Swiss Alps
  • [19:27] NYPD seizes George Steinmetz’s drone after Hart Island photo
  • [25:00] Hone your drone skills in this downtime by signing up for the Drone U online classes
  • [26:00] “]Attention, Drone Mappers! Do not miss out forthcoming webinar with DroneDeploy

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