macos – How do I flip off all Continuity options (“transfer seamlessly between your units”) totally?

I use the same AppleID privately and for business (it is protected with 2x FIDO keys). Very rarely I view NSFW pictures, posts and comments on Reddit. In no case I want to have such content on the business devices (iPhone and macOS).

Under the name Continuity there are more and more features that I do not want at all. I want to disable all of them completely. I want a complete separation of the devices, but have the same AppleID (I have purchased some software licenses with my AppleID, which I use privately and for business).

When you sign in to your Apple ID on all of your devices, you can use
these Continuity features to move seamlessly between your devices.
Click a feature learn more, such as how to automatically unlock your
Mac when you’re wearing your Apple Watch, or how to use your iPhone as
a webcam for your Mac.

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