Subsea Cable Infrastructure and Local weather Exchange

We’re closing out February with our top five telecom reading recommendations from the month.

First up: a look at how submarine cables are vulnerable to sea-level rise, storms, and other climate impacts.

Global Internet Connectivity Is at Risk from Climate Disasters

According to new research outlined by Scientific American, “ocean and nearshore disturbances caused by extreme weather events have exposed hot spots’ along the transglobal cable network, increasing the risk of internet outages.”

Read the full article to learn more.

Be afraid – ChatGPT has caught the eye of telecom

ChatGPT continues to make headlines as we all explore its potential. Last month, our analysts even made a game of testing its submarine cable knowledge.

Could this AI assistant have a place in the telecom world? Telco sources believe so.

2G and 3G Shutdowns Continue

Mobile network operators around the world continue to close legacy 2G and 3G networks in order to migrate valuable spectrum resources to more widely used 4G and 5G technologies.

Research Analyst Pete Bell looks at how the situation has developed and which markets will be next to wave goodbye to 2G and 3G.

We want to be first to 6G, South Korea government plan confirms

In 6G news, South Korea hopes to lead the charge with a 2028 start date.

As you’ll read in the article linked above, “Lee Jong-ho, Minister for Science and ICT (MSIT), unveiled the K-Network 2030 plan on Monday, calling for South Korean tech firms to lead the way in developing world-class 6G technologies and software-based networks.”

State of the Network: Piecing Together Telecom Trends in 2023

The 2023 State of the Network Report is finally here! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’re missing out.

This information pieces together what we’ll be talking about in the year ahead, each data point another patch in the quilt that is 2023. 

2023 State of the Network E-book

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