Cisco Nexus Dashboard Is helping Boost up Operations, Support Potency and Permit Self-Provider with ServiceNow Answers

When it comes to monitoring service health, identifying service disruptions, and aiding problem resolution, cloud-based business service management solutions offer critical insights and control. When complex network problems arise, service management solutions need deeper insights into the intent of the network administrator in order to pinpoint, characterize, or resolve those problems. This resolution requires arduous investigation and troubleshooting. When the problem is identified and understood, network administrators need to create a ticket, resolve the problem, verify the fix, and close the ticket.

The newest addition to the Cisco-ServiceNow joint portfolio is the integration between Cisco Nexus Dashboard, as well as its Data Center portfolio more broadly, and the ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM solutions. The solution comprises of three components – Cisco Cloud Network Management App for ServiceNow, Cisco Cloud Network Insights App for the ServiceNow Platform and Nexus Dashboard Connector for ServiceNow, a plugin for Cisco Nexus Dashboard. With these Apps, IT operations teams can now automate the lifecycle of the incidents for Cisco Infrastructure and operations tools, as well as deliver their ServiceNow IT services from Nexus Dashboard.

The Cisco Cloud network Management App, runs on ServiceNow’s “NOW” platform and will use MID server to fetch the physical, application topology and cloud inventory from APIC, NDFC, and NDO via those controllers’ REST API’s. The Management App will enable users to manage incidents, execute firmware upgrades, store configuration archives, and more.

The Cisco Cloud Network Insights App for ServiceNow enables customers to automate incident management and assignment for network anomalies and advisories, thereby helping network teams address potential network issues and prevent outages proactively.

Finally, with the introduction of the ServiceNow Connector for Nexus Dashboard, we bring ServiceNow incident management capabilities to Nexus Dashboard, enabling network operators to manage the lifecycle of their ServiceNow incidents, track the incident updates, and deliver their service requests on Nexus Dashboard.

Please consider blocking this hour for an insightful webinar, into your calendar now.

In this webinar, you will learn about benefits of the Cisco Nexus Dashboard- ServiceNow solution including:

  1. Native and easy deployment via Cisco DC App Center
  2. The Cisco cloud management App for ServiceNow
  3. The Cisco Cloud Network Insights App
  4. The Cisco Nexus Dashboard connector for ServiceNow

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Hybrid Cloud Demo Series – Tuesday, March 14, 2023
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