Child Yoda makes use of the Drive to clutter with Google Seek; it is the newest Android, iOS Easter egg

Both Android and iOS users can enjoy the latest Google Easter egg, this one found on the Google Search app. Open the app and search for “The Mandalorian” or Grogu. The latter, of course, is the Baby Yoda character on the Star Wars-based show that has been a hit for the Disney+ streaming video app. When the search results appear, look on the bottom right of the screen and you’ll see Baby Yoda looking up at the search results.

Once you see a blue arrow appear over Grogu, tap on the character. Using the Force, Baby Yoda causes the horizontal image carousel containing a preview of “The Mandalorian” to crash to the ground. Wow! What power for a baby does Grogu have. The Force is definitely strong with this one. And when the blue arrow reappears, tap on Grogu again and this time the rest of the search results come crashing down.

And not only will this Easter egg work on the two major mobile platforms (sorry Huawei users, the third largest mobile operating system is shut out), but it also will work on your desktop computer. Last month we told you about the Android 13 Easter egg. This hidden treasure is for Android users only. Go to Settings > About Phone > Android version. That takes you to the About phone screen. Tap on “Android version” until an analog clock appears on the display.
Set the hands of the clock to 1 pm (which is 1300 hours. 13. Android 13. Get it?) and the clock turns into the Android 13 badge which is surrounded by random emoji. Long-press on the display to change to another emoji.
Yes, for you Star Wars fans, the Baby Yoda Easter egg is way cooler. And speaking of Grogu, season three of “The Mandalorian” is available now on Disney+. If you don’t have Disney+ on your phone and you’re not the governor of Florida, you can install it on your iPhone by tapping on this link. Android users can download the app by taking one of their fingers (usually attached to a hand) and using it to press on this link. New customers can get a free seven-day trial of the service.

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