2G and 3G Transfer-Off: What Community Evolutions Method for IoT

Does your IoT solution rely on 2G or 3G? Then it’s time to plan for an upgrade.

Mobile network operators around the world are in the process of migrating from old 2G and 3G networks to more capable technologies like 4G and 5G.  This network shift – the sunset of old technologies and the dawn of the fifth generation of mobile networks – is the next level in the evolution of mobile communications. But the sunsetting of 2G and 3G can have significant consequences for organizations that have relied on these networks for their IoT projects.

Renowned IoT industry analyst firm Transforma Insights, in collaboration with Telia and Ericsson, has compiled a white paper describing how the 2G and 3G network closures will affect enterprises,  as well as giving recommendations on how enterprises should act when considering upgrading.

Live webinar on the 23rd of March
Join us for a live presentation of a white paper, where Matt Hatton from Transforma Insights shares his findings and recommendations as well as shows results from their extensive IoT connectivity survey on the challenges of 2G/3G upgrades. Joining in are also experts from Telia and Ericsson.  Register and learn:

  • Five possible implications for enterprises and their IoT solutions.
  • The cost involved but also significant benefits of migrating to newer network generations.
  • Learnings from Telia’s massive AMR (Automated Meter Reading) case.
  • Cellular technology options that are available including LTE, NB-IoT, LTE-M, and 5G.
  • Recommendations on how enterprises should act when upgrading from 2G/3G to new network technologies.

Download the white paper and register for the report here.

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