Tindie Weblog | GLAMOS Walker: LoRaWan trying out at the move

The Glamos Walker is a portable LoRaWan device with heaps of capabilities. It’s a veritable Swiss Army knife for those involved in deploying sensors and devices to LoRaWan networks, or indeed those deploying gateways and building network capacity.  In simple terms, the Glamos Walker enables the user to send, receive and view packets on the device; additionally, the unit has GPS so with this positioning capability you can map your network and device positions.

If you send a message from the device you can view all the message details on the device screen, including time, the GPS coordinates the message was sent from, the names of base stations receiving the message, and signal quality characteristics like RSSI and SNR as well as the frequency and spread factor. There is also a Walker server backend and an app which enables you to view all these details overlaid onto a map view.

You can also connect the device in the field to a wireless hotspot, such as your mobile phone. This allows real-time monitoring where it will return the names of all the gateways receiving a message and the RSSI and SNR values for the corresponding message receipts. This is an ideal tool for optimizing the position of devices/sensors in the field or analyzing the effect of walls and obstacles in indoor deployments. It’s also going to be of great use deploying gateways and determining the best position for them. We can also imagine this being a fantastic tool for testing antennas and many more applications.

There are heaps more modes and functionality we haven’t mentioned in this post, but there’s a detailed overview of all the features on the product page. Check if out if you’re into LoRa and LoRaWAN!


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