Find out how to Obtain iOS 16 Developer Beta for Unfastened for your iPhone – Steps

Finally, Apple has released iOS 16 for your iPhone and it is available in developer beta form right now, which means that if you are an app developer, then you can download it and install it on your phone. This gives you access to the Beta version that might have many bugs, but we did test it out and found it quite stable, so we recommend you give it a try.

Do make a note that since this is a beta version, you shouldn’t actually install it on your primary smartphone or device because you might encounter bugs, and this should be either on your secondary device or a phone that you use for testing. You do not want a phone that’s bricked and left without any options. Do make a note that the official developer account access needs you to pay a fee, and you can actually access the software even without being a developer by following the steps given below.

To begin, use the Safari browser on your iPhone to navigate to and tap on the iOS 16 Download option, where you will be given the option to Install Profile or IPSW. Select the Install Profile and that would download a small file on your phone, following which you need to visit the Settings page on your iPhone.

You would get a notification that says “Profile Download” where you need to tap for further details.

The next step would be to “Install” the iOS 16 Beta Software Profile under this option. You also have the option to delete this downloaded profile if you want to stop this software upgrade.

There would be a quick consent option shown that, once accepted, you would be asked to install the same and move towards the next step.

Following this, you should go to Settings on your phone and head over to the “Software Update” page where you should find the new alert clearly showing that the “iOS 16 Developer Beta” is available for download. Tap on it, and it would say “Update Requested,” while a few minutes later, it would start downloading and be available for install.

Do make a note that if you are not satisfied with the latest iOS update, you can always revert back to the earlier version by downloading the respective IPSW file. I hope these steps are useful and you can download the latest iOS update announced at WWDC 2022.

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