Nigeria: Can Peter Obi’s on-line attraction win sufficient votes? | Elections

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As Nigerians head to the polls, will the force of social media get Peter Obi the top job? Plus, Ukrainian journalists on life and work in a country under attack.

An electric election campaign has come to an end in Nigeria as voting gets under way for a new president. With a new generation of politically engaged voters, widespread disillusionment with the status quo and a surprise candidate polling strongly, could this election be the inflection point many Nigerians talk about?

Ayisha Osori – Director of the Executive Vice President’s Office, Open Society Foundations
Joachim MacEbong – Senior analyst, Stears
Bukola Adebayo – Correspondent, Context Newsroom

On our radar:

In Tunisia, there has been a sudden and sharp tightening of screws on critics of President Kais Saied. Producer Johanna Hoes has been tracking the string of high-profile arrests.

What has war meant for Ukraine’s media?

A year after Russia’s invasion of their country, Ukrainian journalists speak about the toll of war on them and their profession.

Marichka Padalko – TV anchor, 1+1
Lina Kushch – Secretary general, Union of Journalists of Ukraine
Evgeniy Maloletka – Photojournalist

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