In finding Precisely What You’re On the lookout for With The Magic Highlighter

Extensions add more functionality to your browsing experience and can add ad blockers, third-party passwords, and much more.

If you’d like to see extensions in action, make sure to try out the new option The Magic Highlighter. It can make searching for a specific word or phrase much easier. 

The extension solves a problem when searching. After using a search engine and clicking on the link, it can sometimes be hard to actually find what you were looking for on the page and requires you to use the find in page action or Command-F shortcut on an iPad with an external keyboard like the Apple’s Magic Keyboard. 

But the extension will automatically highlight the search terms and phrases so the content you were looking for stands out on the page. All of the work is private and data is processed on the device with nothing sent to third-party servers. 

It works with a wide variety of search engines—Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Neevam Kagi, and Brave Search. 

And iPad users with a keyboard can also unlock additional options with the Command-Shift-F shortcut. With that you can change the highlighting colors to help them standout on the page, disabling or enable the highlighter for certain search terms, and much more. 

The Magic Highlighter is a $1.99 download on the App Store and is for Safari on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. 

Once you download the extension, head to Settings > Safari > Extensions and make sure that The Magic Highlighter is turned on. Alternatively, you can select the AA in the Safari tool bar and choose Manage Extensions. 

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