Viral Truth: Will your mobile number be number 13 from July 1?

Messages that are 13 digit instead of mobile number 10 will be viral on social media.

13-digit number

There is a rumor on social media in the current number that the mobile number is going to be 13 digits. Messages that are 13 digit instead of mobile number 10 will be viral on social media. However, this information is being broken down and broken down.

The telecom department had held a meeting on 8 January 2018. In which M2M was discussed to implement 13-digit numbers for machine-to-machine communication. M2M Communication is related to this type of business. There is no relation between this and the mobile phone number, BSNL said.

Discussion for implementation of the 13-digit number 1 for M2M Communication was discussed. This will not affect the mobile number. All telecom companies have been instructed to update the system M2M Communication by 13-digit number.

The completion of this process will start from October 2018 and the last date is 13th December 2018. The LI (Lawful Interception) system has also been instructed to update the same time. On the basis of lawful interception, the investigating system can listen to any dialogue if needed. What is 

M2M Communication 

M2M Communication does not have any relation with your mobile device. This is a business system. M2M communication is used to control remote business activities. It is also used in other places.

For example, if there is a automatic machine for tickets at the train station, the printing paper in this machine is terminated, then M2M communication is indicated to the person who is papers. Besides, M2M communication is also used for services like Warehouse Management, Remote Control Management, Robotics, Traffic Control, Logistic Service, Supply Chain Management to Telemedicine.

So your mobile number will remain 10 digits. There is no fact in the information about the viral on social media that ABP has come under my scrutiny.

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