Jio Gigafiber May Start Before Diwali With Half Price

After the huge success of ‘Jio,’ Reliance announced the ‘Jio Giga Fiber’ Optical Fiber Cable based broadband service, justifying the 41st annual meeting of the company. Starting August 15, registration for Jio Giga Fiber will start. The service will start on Diwali in 80 cities, including seven Metro cities in the country.

Jio GigaFiber


This service will be first provided in most registered cities. The cheapest plan for Jio-Fiber will start at Rs 500. At present, the price of Jio Fiber will be half the price of broadband services available in the market. Some of the broadband operators currently charge between 100 and 1000 MB for 100 GB of data. With this, take an extra amount of Rs 200 to Rs 300 for TV service.
The service is only available at half the price. Jio-fiber customers will get this service at a 25% to 30% lower cost than mobile data. Presently, mobile customers have to pay 2.7 to 5 for 1 GB 4G data. Reliance ‘Jio Giga Fiber’ is also expected to create a big uproar in the ‘broadband’ sector, giving more flexibility in lesser money than ‘jio‘.

What is ‘Jio Giga fiber’?

Jio optical fiber cable-based ‘Jio-Giga-Fiber’ facility is based on the most advanced optical fiber technology ever so that it will be more than 100 times faster than broadband.

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