How to change the Wi-Fi hotspot password on your iPhone and Android smartphones


To protect the data connection of the phone from the unwanted ones, it is very important to set up a WiFi password in HotSpot. The password in the WiFi hotspot connection also helps to share your phone’s data with other devices like Mac, computer, tablet or smart TV. Just as users change their PIN/password at a fixed interval keeping in mind the safety and security of their email accounts, ATMs, laptops, mobile phones. so we make decide make tutorial on How to change the Wi-Fi hotspot password on your iPhone and Android smartphones

Just like the one-time interval, you should also change your phone’s hotspot password. Often we give our WiFi password to share our data connection with our friends and family. With the passwords being shared with more people, with the passwords hacked, the possibility of entry into your security also increases. To avoid such situations, hotspot password should be changed regularly. If you do not know how to change the password of WiFi hotspot in your smartphone, then we are going to tell you the steps to change the password… Is the

How to change the Wi-Fi hotspot password On Android smartphone

1. Open your phone’s settings.
2. Go to Wireless & Network Settings and tap.
3. Go to ‘Tethering & portable hotspot’ and tap on ‘toggle next’ for the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot menu option.
4. Now tap for Wi-Fi hotspot setup.
5. Here you can change the name and password of the hotspot.
Note: Companies making separate Android smartphones keep the hotspot options in their settings in their own way. Like: In Samsung, you will find it in the connection settings

How to change the Wi-Fi hotspot password On iPhone

1. Go to the settings of the iPhone.

2. Tap on the personal hotspot option and turn it on.
3. Keep WiFi or Bluetooth on.
4. Tap on WiFi password and select your device’s password


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