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10 years ago on 1 September, Google wrote a blog post titled ‘A fresh take on the browser‘. This blog post was posted by Google CEO Sundar Pichai and at that time Pachai was the Vice President of the Company’s Product Management. Pichai, the company’s engineering director, now launches the most popular Kajjivanwadi product. Yes, we are talking about the Chrome browser. Earlier, there were only two major options for browsing – Microsoft Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Apple’s Safari was also used. This was the time Google was making its reach in the lives of people, but then its dominance was not as it was today. After the arrival of Chrome, a lot has changed and since then there have been a lot of changes in Chrome too. Learn how in the last 10 years Chrome has changed the browsing experience …

Clear and Better User Interface

when Chrome was launched, this was the browser with the easiest and clear interface. This was a welcome change compared to Microsoft Explorer. Pichai and Upson wrote in a blog post 10 years ago, “Like Google’s classic homepage, Google Chrome is clear and fast. It works according to you and takes you wherever you want. ‘ And this thing about chrome is still true today.

Fast browsing speed

Chrome was very fast in the beginning and still the speed is upbeat. According to Gizmodo’s report, Javascript-based browsers were 10 times faster than Firefox and Safari. Compare the top market leader to Microsoft Explorer, then Chrome was 56 times faster. After the arrival of Chrome, this browser of Microsoft has never been able to penetrate its way and was quite lagging behind.

Options, options and many options

come in many new features in Chrome and users get many options. The Incognito mode option was not available for users but users with chrome could get these features. Apart from this, the Ad blockers feature of Chrome also became quite popular.

Accessibility and company’s own ecosystem

Talking about 2018, Google Chrome is running on nearly 60 percent of the computers. This is followed by Microsoft’s share with 12 percent market share. Chrome has the biggest advantage of using Google’s ecosystem. Once logged in to Chrome, users can ax every Google service on a single click.

Now what? 

The company tweeted with Google Chrome’s Twitter handle saying that a surprise for the users is being prepared. This service announcement will be made tomorrow. Google may be working on a change in the design of its Chrome browser. There has not been any major changes in Google Chrome for the past several years.

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